British actor Alfred Molina found wearing bad guy DOC OAK's tentacles in Spider-Man 2 "erotic".

The 51-year-old FRIDA star, who plays Spider-Man's nemesis, felt aroused whenever he donned the appendages and grew quite attached to them.

Molina says, "When I put my tentacles on in the morning, it's a vaguely erotic experience.

"I feel like I'm at a porn convention.

"I called them these silly names HARRY, LARRY, FLO and MO as a joke and somehow it struck.

"And I discovered over the period of the film that Harry and Larry were very male. They were bigger. The feet were larger. They were stronger.

"Harry and Larry were the ones that smashed through buildings and did all the aggressive stuff.

"Flo and Mo were more intricate. They had more articulation.

"They could turn into spears and pincers and claws and blades."

21/06/2004 17:34