Tippi Hendren has been back in the media recently blasting acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock for the way he mistreated on set and supposedly 'ruined her career'.
The star of Hitchcock's The Birds and Marnie, the actress revisited these unpleasant times again whilst she presided over the making of the a new HBO feature chronicling her time with the much-lauded director. At Wednesday's (August 1st) Television Critics Association gala in Beverley Hills, Hendren was on hand to discuss a little more about the upcoming biopic, as well as her time with Hitchcock, describing him as a man who "ruined my career, but he couldn't ruin my life."
The made-for-Tv film will be aired on the premium network during October and will be titled The Girl. Brit actress Sienna Miller will take on the lead role of Hedren whilst fellow Brit Toby Jones will feature as Hitchcock. The film is based on the Donald Spoto book Spellbound by Beauty.The film will concentrate largely on the time the two spend together making The Birds and Marnie, detailing the manipulative methods Hitchcock incorporated into his film-making to get the best out of his actors (particularly Hendren, she claims) and sexual advances the director made towards the former fashion model.