The late, great Alfred Hitchcock would revel in actress Tippi Hedren's allegations he was a monster on the set of The Birds, according to actor Danny Huston.

Huston plays screenwriter Whitfield Cook in new movie Hitchcock and his studies of the great director have led him to believe he was just like his own moviemaker father John Huston - both men loved infamy.

And the actor is convinced the Psycho film icon would not have protested Hedren's recent claims that he submitted her to daily abuse on the set of The Birds for refusing the director's advances.

Huston tells Wenn, "I think one of the funny things about these kind of guys, and certainly I experienced this first hand with my father, is a lot of times they didn't deny the things said about them, because it created their mythology and something people could talk about.

"I remember, with my father, there was a book written about him, White Hunter Black Heart, and it represented him as completely irresponsible on the hunts while he was shooting and drinking too much. Everybody who read the book and worked with my father was very concerned that they were describing him this way. But my father couldn't have cared less. He was delighted!

"Hitchcock was such a deliciously dark character that I don't think he would dismiss what Tippi was saying as not true."

Hitchcock's awkward relationship with Hedren was chronicled in recent Tv movie The Girl.