Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron is set to be honoured by officials at New York City's Museum of Modern Art at an annual film benefit gala next month (Nov14).

The Gravity director will be the guest of honour at the event, which will feature a tribute to his acclaimed work.

Rajendra Roy, the museum's chief film curator, praises Cuaron in a statement which reads: "Alfonso Cuaron is the rare auteur who is completely fluent in both the grandest studio-scaled pictures as well as the dirt-road indies.

"There’s no one else I'd rather take a cinematic voyage with, whether it be to a hidden beach in Mexico or to orbit upper-Earth."

Last year (13), actress Tilda Swinton was named the film honouree at the MoMa gala, just months after she participated in an installation at the museum, in which she slept in a transparent box.