An underground song slamming Alfie singer Lily Allen and other British pop stars has prompted an angry response from the young Londoner.

The song, LDN IS A VICTIM, attacks several fashionable popsters in the capital for their supposed middle-class roots, with famous names such as THE MACCABEES, The Streets and KATE NASH all mentioned.

But Lily seems to have risen to the bait, posting an entry on MySpace, where the song is currently being aired, stating: "So what if we're middle class? Just 'cause your mum was too lazy to get her fat ass up off the sofa and make some cash. I shouldn't be able to make tunes yeah?"

She also stuck up for another Londoner slammed by the song, Kate Nash, who she described as "well better than you".

However, in typically sarcastic fashion, the SMILE singer added that she was off to meet JACK PENATE, JAMIE T and THE MACCABEES, for "cucumber and cheese sandwiches in the conservatory".

The song is expected to be available on a limited 7in record on April 23rd.

10/04/2007 16:42:42