Former Alfie frontman LEE GORTON is set to help unsigned acts by enrolling huge bands, including THE Flaming Lips and Snow Patrol, to sing their songs. The A WORD IN YOUR EAR hitmaker has asked bands The Flaming Lips, The Zutons, Elbow, Snow Patrol and Athlete to lay down vocals for a compilation album which will be written and recorded by a host of up-and-coming bands. He says, "We're just trying to get loads of bands working together, writing with each other, dropping all the stand-offish playground mentality attitude that bands have with each other sometimes when they think they've got to scrap it out. "A lot of them have got good hearts and are doing it for the right reason and that's why I don't mind going to (Elbow frontman GUY) GARVEY and all the others and saying 'C'mon don't you remember what it was like to be unsigned and what it was like trying to get a break when you started out?'"