Comedian Bobby Davro is set to join the BBC soap EastEnders as the 'loveable rogue' Vince.

The 1980s comic, who moved to children's TV in the early 90s, will arrive in the Square with a bang before beginning a romance with bad-girl Shirley Carter.

Davro told the Sun: "I'm really chuffed and looking forward to becoming a soap opera luvvie."

According to sources on the show, Davro's character is seen as a replacement for Alfie Moon – the role Shane Ritchie made his own – who became very popular with viewers.

Vince is set to be a cheeky chap, described as a "chip off the old block" from characters such as Alfie and Frank ButCher - played by the late Mike Reid.

Davro, 48, became famous as an impressionist before working on shows such as Rock With Laughter and Public Enemy Number One.

He also, along with a number of other bygone celebrities, featured in Peter Kay's Comic Relief music video I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).

08/08/2007 16:10:23