Punk band Alexisonfire were forced to scrap a show at the Vancouver Olympics Cultural Olympiad in Canada on Tuesday (16Feb10) following a stage invasion which left 20 fans injured.
Seconds into the group's raucous set, the crowd surged forward, breaking through a barricade.
The concert was immediately stopped and 7,000 people were evacuated from the area as medics rushed to treat the injured.
One fan reportedly broke her leg.
Alexisonfire have since apologised to fans and promised to return to Vancouver.
A statement on the band's MySpace.com page reads, "We always take great care in the safety of our fans and are saddened that this happened. We are sincerely sorry that people were injured.
"We want to thank the security team, paramedics and police for their quick reaction. We especially want to thank our fans for co-operating and not making a bad situation worse."