Actress Alexis Bledel has founded a new amateur all-girl soccer team in Los Angeles in an effort to stay in shape. The Sin City star is the brains behind The Hustlers, a team made up of wannabe Mia Hamms, celebrities and filmmakers. Bledel says, "I have not been a particularly athletic person but my trainer was saying, 'You should really do some cardio,' and (it's) the only way I could possibly run for more than an hour at a time. "It's by no means a professional team. It's superrecreational... It's just a group of women." But the midfielder admits she's getting addicted to the sport after winning her first few games. She adds, "Our first two seasons we were beat 10 to zero, 12 to zero; it was bad, and recently we've just won our first couple of games. "It is a beautiful game, it's somewhat addictive. My basic skills are stealing the ball away... I pretty much just mess up other people's plays... but I'm not that aggressive a player."