Emerging British actress Alexandra Roach was so determined to land the role of Queen Elizabeth II in a new movie, she dressed as the monarch for her audition.
Roach, who is receiving praise for her portrayal of a young Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, will play the Queen in her twenties for Girls' Night Out - and she went to great lengths to impress producers.
She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I went through the same process as when I auditioned for the part of Maggie so I arrived dressed as the Queen.
"I went to the same hairdressers where I live in Crouch End (north London) and they put my hair in hot rollers so I had a Forties wave. Then I bought a prom dress and kitten heels from my local charity shop.
"The producers were quite taken aback. People think I'm crazy taking on the Queen after Maggie, but I love playing real people."