LATEST: Former BAYWATCH star Alexandra Paul is happy to serve community service or possible jail time after being arrested during an environmental protest last week (15MAR05).

The actress was detained on grounds of failing to obey police orders as she blocked the route of General Motors trucks taking electric cars to be scrapped in Arizona.

Paul tells US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE that she's happy to accept whatever the courts serve up when she's arraigned next Monday (28MAR05).

She says, "I will bear the consequences and I consider them well worth it because I think there's a lot at stake here.

"We cannot forget about this car. It's too incredible a car - they're clean, they're emission free. We had raised $1.9 million that we offered to GM to buy each and every one of those EV1s.

"I was very, very proud to be part of that."

23/03/2005 02:54