Alexandra Daddario was mistakenly accused of wetting the bed by hotel staff after her fake tan stained a mattress.

The 'Baywatch' actress wore an extreme amount of fake tan while she was filming the recently-released movie, and the stains it subsequently left on her hotel bed led staff to believe she'd suffered an embarrassing accident during the night.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, the 31-year-old star explained: ''They asked me to pay a mattress sanitisation fee.

''I tried to explain and I don't think they believed me.''

Meanwhile, Alexandra recently admitted that despite being cast in 'Baywatch', she wasn't very ''successful'' in the dating department when she was growing up.

The Hollywood star revealed she didn't do much dating as a young woman and ''never felt comfortable'' bringing boys home.

She said: ''My dad was so busy with work, I don't think he had any idea what was going on in my love life!

''I never felt comfortable bringing boys over - not that there were any to bring over. I always wanted someone to date - I wasn't successful. You'd be surprised, I'm very low-key and pretty much a homebody.''

Alexandra - who has been romantically linked to her 'Baywatch' co-star Zac Efron in recent weeks - also said she hates it when men are ''vaguely insulting'' in a bid to get her attention.

The actress revealed she prefers guys who take a ''friendly and nice'' approach to romance.

She shared: ''The thing I hate most is when someone is vaguely insulting to get my attention. Once, a guy even criticised one of my movies.

''I'm very slow-moving with my relationships, and I prefer someone friendly and nice. You don't need to try that hard.''