Alexandra Daddario is set to star in and executive produce a film adaptation of the best-selling novel 'Can You Keep a Secret?'.

The 32-year-old actress - who previously appeared in 'Baywatch' and 'San Andreas' - has been cast in the role of Emma Corrigan in the adaptation of Sophie Kinsella's novel, which is being directed by Elise Duran.

In the movie, Alexandra's character finds herself in the midst of a turbulent plane journey and assumes she's about to die.

As a result, she decides to spill all of her secrets to the handsome stranger sitting next to her.

However, as it turns out, she's actually revealed her secrets to Jack Harper, her firm's elusive CEO, who subsequently arrives at her office.

The movie is being adapted by Peter Hutchings, and Claude Dal Farra, Brice Dal Farra, and Brian Keady are serving as the producers, according to Deadline.

In recent years, Alexandra has often starred as the love interest in her movies and TV shows.

But the actress previously insisted she's comfortable being ''considered sexy''.

She explained: ''It's kind of cool to be considered sexy. It's not something that I ever expected to happen for me. It wasn't something that I tried to do, so I embrace it, to a certain extent, especially when it's part of the joke, which it was in 'Baywatch'.

''In 'True Detective', the scene that I did naked was done for a point. It wasn't gratuitous. It was done to shockingly show you the philandering nature of Woody Harrelson's character, when you thought he was a good guy.

''In 'Baywatch', it's part of the joke, but at the same time, it's also just fun. It was like, 'Wow, look, I'm a 'Baywatch' babe!'''