Alexandra Daddario has confessed she is a germaphobe and has to travel everywhere with wet wipes so she can stay clean.

The 'Baywatch' star is obsessed with avoiding dirt and germs that could make her sick so always has a supply of moist cleaning tissues on her person.

Alexandra's commitment to cleanliness has been noted and now tissue brand Kleenex has made her the ambassador for their range of wet wipes, and since signing with the company she has discovered even more uses for the product, including cleaning her face when she's on the go.

Speaking to about her new discovery, she revealed: ''Like a lot of young people, we're running from place to place. It's a great way to keep yourself clean and germ-free.''

Alexandra - who appeared in in the 'Percy Jackson' franchise - also reaches for the wipes when she has to fly for her career, because planes are packed with illness-inducing germs.

Revealing her cleaning routine when flying, she shared: ''My biggest health tip to travelers is: Nobody wants to be sick when they're traveling. So an antibacterial on a plane. I'm a huge germaphobe. If you have an antibacterial wipe to wipe down the seat with, just for your peace of mind, but also I think it helps you from getting sick. And getting sleep is a big important thing. Really be easy on yourself when you travel. Don't have that extra drink. Go home and get some rest.''

And just as Alexandra, 32, is obsessed with keeping her body clean and is also committed to clean eating most of the time, because she believes that good health comes from inside out.

She said: ''My go-to healthy meal is to cook quinoa, and then I usually crack an egg into that, and I'll chop up an avocado and put that in there, with a little bit of salt or chicken broth. It's a quick way to make a really healthy but filling meal. It takes about 15 minutes.

''My go-to healthy drink is this smoothie I get near my house. It has blueberries, whey protein, and a bunch of fruit. That way, I'm like, 'OK. I've gotten my fruit out of the way for the day.' ''

But when she does want to break her healthy diet, Alexandra has a special ice cream concoction that she makes to indulge her sweet tooth.

She spilled: ''My guilty-pleasure food is ice cream mixed with a chocolate bar. I'll try to measure it out. I'll crush up a chocolate bar and put that in one bowl, and then I'll put a couple of scoops of ice cream, and I'll mix them together bite by bite.''