Alexandra Burke wants to be godmother to Cheryl Cole's children.

The 'Bad Boys' singer has remained close to the Girls Aloud star - who was her mentor on UK TV talent show 'The X Factor', which she won last year - and believes they will always share a special bond.

She said: "I definitely think we will always be friends. When she has her kids, I'm going to be godmother - I guarantee you. Or an auntie."

Alexandra - who is currently single - is also hoping her future children will one day play with Cheryl's brood.

Asked where she wants to be in five years time, Alexandra replied: "Probably on my third album - and they'll have all gone to number one. And, maybe, I'll be thinking about kids. Just thinking!"

Cheryl - who is married to soccer star Ashley Cole - recently revealed she is keen to become a mother soon.

She said: "Having a baby is important to me because I am from a big family. I have friends who have put it off and I don't want to do that. I feel like all this that I do is just make-believe and at the end of the make-believe I will always have my family. So if I am blessed, I would love a big family."