Alexandra Burke only realised she was famous when Timbaland heard her urinate.

The 'Bad Boys' singer - who rose to fame when she won British TV talent show 'The X Factor' last year - only realised her life had changed when she started running into some of the music industry's biggest names on a daily basis.

She explained: "After I won 'The X Factor', I went on holiday. Then, when I came back, we went to New York. The deep end. I was on the phone to my management because I didn't even know how to act. What do I say when I meet the producers? Do I say, 'Hello sir?'

"And then I started in Jay-Z's studio. Jay-Z is sitting in the corner, chillin', having a conversation with me.

"I went to the toilet and Timbaland is sitting outside. I'm singing some ad-libs and Beyonce Knowles walks in.

"That's in the first ten days of making the album. It was mental. Mixing with people I'd dreamt of mixing with. Then getting signed to Epic in America. That's nuts. It doesn't fit with me, with my normal life.

"I had lived on Caledonian Road in London all my life, and then I'm going for a wee and Timbaland is having a sit down. It's weird."

The 21-year-old starlet also admitted she finally feels like a pop star and says being famous is "magical".

She added to Wonderland magazine: "Yes. I think I do feel like a pop star. And it feels... it feels magical. I know that's cheesy, but I wake up with a big smile on my face. I've never been so happy."