Alexandra Burke's pets are in love.

The 'Start Without You' singer recently bought a cat to keep her dog Alfie company and is amazed at how well they have bonded.

She told BANG Showbiz: "They love each other, it's unreal. I have never seen a cat and dog get on like that. It's like love, but they're both boys - I don't understand what's going on there! But they love each other.

"Yesterday I was having my dinner and the dog and cat were laying on me and then my dog started nibbling on the cat's ear and the cat started purring, it was amazing."

The 'Bad Boys' hitmaker shot to fame after winning Simon Cowell's UK TV talent contest 'The X Factor' also admitted her pooch has got her into trouble with her mentor on more than one occasion.

She said: "He's weed on Simon Cowell's floor like, five times."

Alexandra recently admitted she is struggling to sleep because of her mischievous pets.

She tweeted: "Alfie & my cat are being very hyper @ this late time! Why oh why! Someone help me !(sic)"