Alexandra Burke is spending £50,000 on her own welcome home party.

The 'X Factor' winner - who has been working on her debut album in Los Angeles for much of this year - has put up the large sum to throw a huge bash in celebration of her return to the UK and her 21st birthday on August 25.

A source said: "Alex hasn't been home for months after working on her album, which is due out in the autumn. Her family can't wait for her to get back and want to celebrate with the mother of all parties."

The singer, who is due to fly back to the UK in August, has written her mother Melissa the huge cheque for the party and some of the funds will also be used to decorate Melissa's North London home.

This will seem like small change for the British star who signed a £3.5 million record deal in the US earlier this year.

Epic Records - an offshoot of Sony - snapped up Alexandra for a five-album deal following the huge worldwide success of former 'X Factor' winner Leona Lewis.