Alexandra Burke is too ''busy'' to get married this year.

The 'Broken Heels' singer got engaged to her long-term partner Josh Ginnelly late last year, and though the stage manager would tie the knot ''tomorrow'' if they could, the 29-year-old star wants to wait until they have the time to plan their big day ''properly''.

She said: ''We are so busy this year and I really want to be a part of making sure it's done properly.

''If Josh could get married tomorrow he would, but we want it to work and we want to think about it and do it all properly.

''Next year I will definitely take the time to plan it.

''I say to Josh, 'Let's enjoy calling each other fiancé for as long as we can, then we will get married because husband and wife is forever.' ''

Alexandra was left devastated when her mother, Melissa Bell, passed away last year and she's been throwing herself into work to overcome her grief.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''I am exhausted and the reality is that I am throwing myself into work because of my mum.

''I don't know if it's healthy or not.

''But if I am around people who are supportive and I know they care about me, then I am going to keep working and take each day at a time.

''I can't stop. If I stop my brain goes into overdrive. Night times are the worst.

''It's still so raw and it still feels like yesterday.

''The day she passed was the day I started 'Strictly' so I feel like my grieving has only just begun.''