Alexandra Burke owns ''over 500'' pairs of shoes.

The 27-year-old singer - who was crowned the champion of 'The X Factor' in 2008 - has admitted she has a vast footwear collection, which includes trainers, Doctor Martens boots and high heeled shoes.

Speaking about her wardrobe essentials, she said: ''[I own] Over 500 pairs of shoes, but a lot fewer handbags. By day I'm a trainers and Dr Martens girl but the heels come out for evening.''

Although the brunette beauty has kept hold of hundreds of shoes, she has admitted she doesn't hoard as many handbags and regularly ''declutters'' her accessories.

She explained: ''I change my everyday bag every two weeks and declutter - some of my favourites are by Céline, Hermès and Chanel.

''I have a stylist friend who comes twice a year and edits my clothes.''

And Alexandra - who made her West End theatre debut as Rachel Marron in 'The Bodyguard' - has revealed she adorns more ''glamorous'' ensembles when she performs, but her everyday style is the complete opposite because she likes to wear more casual attire and less colourful garments.

Speaking about her fashion sense, she explained: ''Glamorous on stage, dungarees off stage. Away from the limelight, I revert to being a tomboy.

''Most of my stage outfits are specially made for me. All-in-one catsuits with high Dr Martens heel boots work well - they are so comfortable.

''I love colour on stage, but in my personal life I like black. As for shapes, I love high-waisted shorts and jeans. I think my legs are my best feature so I'm not afraid to have them out.''

Although the star has admitted she prefers to tone down her everyday wardrobe Alexandra has admitted she has become more confident to experiment with various trends.

She told the ''I'm a lot more confident now and I'm not afraid to experiment.''