Alexandra Burke had a ''really cheap'' ring made to give Josh Ginnelly an idea of what she wanted for their engagement.

The 'Broken Heels' singer got engaged to her long-term partner Josh Ginnelly late last year and she was impressed that the piece of jewellery he gave her when she popped the question was ''right'', even though he'd had plenty of hints.

She admitted: ''I've got one made.

''I actually got a really cheap ring made when I first met josh and I said this is what I want.

''He didn't even bat an eyelid. He got it actually right,' she revealed before sweetly adding, 'When you find love that's all that matters.' ''

The couple marked their engagement with a party and had a great time - even though they ran out of food.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: ''It went really well. It was quite a big turn out. Josh wanted 50 people but it turned about to be about 150.

''There wasn't enough food for everyone, but it was OK as they all ordered their own food at the bar.

''His family and my family got to meet and talk and have a conversation. His family live in Stoke, we're in London and all over the place.''

The couple have yet to set a date for the wedding but the former 'X Factor' winner - who recently axed her upcoming UK tour - confirmed it won't be until 2020.

She said: ''There is no date set yet but we've set a year. 2020 is when we're hoping to finally tie the knot.

''I want to travel with him a bit more. I want to do stuff with him because we're always working.''