Alexander Wang sought a psychic's advice before taking the job as Balenciaga's creative director.

The fashion designer - who has helmed the French fashion house for six months - consulted a psychic when the position was first offered to him and was told it was ''his destiny''.

Alexander also made a pros and cons list to help him weigh up whether taking the job would be practical.

He told Vogue magazine: ''So I wrote down a list of pros and cons and asked myself, 'What am I afraid of? The perception of failure? The perception of what people might think?' I knew that what I wanted completely outweighed all of that.''

The 29-year-old designer was initially reluctant to accept the offer as he was busy working on his own brand in New York City. He was also concerned he could become the most hated man in fashion since he was an American designer looking to work for a well established French brand.

He added: ''As an American designer coming to a French house that's been around for a long time - and which had been built up by someone else - one of my biggest fears was that I'd be constantly up against a wall.

''There were a lot of people who were ... divided when I got the job; there was a lot of speculation as to what direction the brand would take.''