TRUE BLOOD star Alexander Skarsgard hated his status as a teen idol when he shot to fame in his native Sweden, insisting he felt "uncomfortable" because was "different".
The 33 year old made his movie debut at the age of eight, and went on to star in a string of films and TV shows - making him a household name in Sweden.
But Skarsgard admits he didn't enjoy his early years in the spotlight - because fame made his teenage years even more difficult.
He tells VMANN magazine, "I was suddenly different from my best friends and I didn't like the feeling. Thirteen is already a weird age. Puberty, your body, all that... If we would go out and play (soccer) and a girl would watch my friend, he would think it's exciting... but to me it started being like, 'Oh s**t she is staring 'cause she watched that silly movie.'"
And his formative years as a child star also made Skarsgard wary of becoming a high-profile name in Hollywood.
He adds, "I have a fear of the whole American celebrity thing. I'm not sure if I could act in an interesting way if I became too swept up in that."