TV vampire Alexander Skarsgard dedicated a punk classic to an ex-girlfriend he loved and lost while guest DJ-ing on a Los Angeles radio station recently.
The True Blood star's choice cuts can be heard on KCRW's website and they include tributes to his mother and father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, as well as an ailing pal, but his pick of the Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen in Love came with a great story.
Skarsgard, who is now dating his True Blood co-star Evan Rachel Wood, admits he once couldn't listen to the song without crying - because it was the soundtrack to a stormy romance.
He explains, "I had this girlfriend a while ago, many years ago, and it was a very passionate relationship. I was very much in love with this girl, but, after a few months, we both realised we weren't good for each other.
"It was one of those relationships that we didn't make each other happy, but every time we broke up, we ended up back together and that went on for almost three years... It just killed me. It was really, really tough.
"I just tried to move on and so did she, but we just couldn't... I hope she found happiness somewhere out there.
"Every time after a fight I would just put on my big headphones and I would crank up the volume and go, 'Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks frontman) freakin’ gets it!' In a way, she will always be a part of me, but I don't have to listen to Buzzcocks and cry every day and night anymore. I can actually listen to it now and enjoy it because it's a great song."