Alexander Skarsgard, star of hit vampire show True Blood says that he tries to keep his native Sweden as close as possible while away in Los Angeles.

"I usually throw a glug (Swedish mulled wine) party right before Christmas," he told, "And then midsummer is a very big deal in Sweden. It's our Fourth of July almost. I usually throw a midsummer party in June in LA." The 35-year-old actor also mentioned what's usually on the menu "A lot of schnapps, a lot of aquavit, salmon, pickled herring. I love it." Skarsgard was speaking ahead of the release of his new movie Straw Dogs which is in cinemas Friday (16.11.2011) and sees the Stockholm native remake the classic 1971 movie about a woman returning to her home town where she is confronted by a jealous ex-boyfriend.

Alexander Skarsgard followed in his father's footsteps and became an actor, however, it was not until he landed a role in 2001 comedy Zoolander that his career began to develop. After moving to Los Angeles on a permanent basis he was given the role of Sergeant Colbert in critically acclaimed Iraq war drama Generation Kill. His break out role was to be that of Eric on hit series True Blood and has since made the transition into blockbuster movies, he is currently filming new movie Battleship alongside Rihanna and is the story of a fleet of battleships that must defeat an alien force.