Alexander O'neal believes there's more pressure on interracial couples to stay together.

The 63-year-old African-American R&B legend has opened up about how much harder he and his Caucasian wife Cynthia - whom he has been with for 29 years and lives in Bethnal Green in east London with - have had to work over the years to become ''stronger'' as a pair because of prejudice they have encountered because of their love.

In an interview with, he said: ''Do you pay my light bill? Are you gonna be there when I'm sick? But you've got the right to judge me? No. I've paid my dues. My wife and I have decided, some time ago, interracial couples have to be stronger than most couples. So we try to be.''

Alexander believes his relationship with Cynthia and prior romances he had with other white women before they got together were his way of breaking down racial stereotypes.

He said: ''All you might know is something negative about a person, based on their race or what you've heard, until you get to know them. As black people, we often do to each other what we think the white man is doing to us all day long ... oppress. He doesn't want you to marry his daughter, you don't want your brother to marry his sister. Why is it your concern?''

Although he always strives to break down racial barriers, the 'Criticize' hitmaker is critical of black women for wearing wigs and hair extensions rather than embracing their natural hair.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant said: ''I'd like to ask the black sisters though - what about them nasty-ass, long wigs they're wearing? That looks like white women's hair to me. Why are you so ashamed of your own hair?''