Lindsey Wixon felt "honoured" at becoming the new face of Alexander McQueen.

The 17-year-old beauty admits she was shocked when she discovered she was the model for The Fashion label's latest campaign but was thrilled at the prospect.

She said: "It was a total surprise. I was standing backstage at a McQueen show and someone took my picture. I then looked on MODELS.COM soon later and it was up there as the McQueen campaign shot! I hadn't known at all, I nearly cried! I was so honoured. That spring/summer 2011 show was really emotional. I cried at the end."

Lindsey - who has been hailed as the next big thing - says she loves everything about modelling and can't believe how glamorous her life has become.

She told "Prada flew my sister and I first class to Beijing for a show there. We went business class - it was so glamorous - we had our own pod and everything. The Pet Shop Boys performed after, it was amazing. I was afraid to tell my friends about it, in case they thought I was boasting. I get really scared of anyone thinking that. Maybe it has something to do with those girls from school.

"If you're a model you're paid to be a Muse. McQueen, for Example, is all about powerful women. The designer chooses you to be a face because you project a feeling or an idea of a person. You create an idea, rather than a new character."