Alexa Chung Is New Face Of Gonzo!

Alexa Chung Is New Face Of Gonzo!

MTV Rocks' Flagship Music Show Returns with New Host Alexa Chung

MTV Rocks - is back on Friday 15th October

MTV announces the return of MTV Rocks flagship music show Gonzo, hosted by Alexa Chung and featuring the world's most exciting bands! A new era, new host, new brown sofa!

Alexa will be on the iconic brown sofa interviewing artists making the biggest and loudest noise in Rock - from the hottest rising stars, to the A-List performers who are already rocking the globe. To reflect Alexa's passion for music and unconventional take on the world of celebrity, the show will also feature topical artists and celebrities, from the likes of Dizzee Rascal to Lady GaGa, the cast of Twilight to the Jackass Crew. If they Rock - they're in.

Alexa says, "I am thrilled to be presenting Gonzo - it's a show I've always admired and I'm looking forward to reupholstering the sofa."

The free-thinking, no holds barred ethos that made Gonzo famous will still be at the core of the show, fans can expect to see all their favourite Rocks artists un-edited, as they chat, perform and misbehave.

A brave new Gonzo -- no camera tricks, rehearsals or gloss, just honest, great music, opinions, fun times and originality.

Gonzo returns on Friday 15th October at 7pm, MTV Rocks