Alexa Chung has revealed that New York city was the biggest influence on her collaboration with Nails Inc.

The gorgeous model-turned-TV-presenter was recently named the new face of the cosmetics company, Nails Inc, taking over from former spokesmodel, Poppy Delevingne.

Talking to the Stylist magazine, Alexa revealed: ''Nails are so huge in New York, there's a nail bar on every corner and it's cheap, so you hang out there with your friends. So many of my ideas for my collection with Nails Inc came from living in New York.

''The best part about being their global ambassador is naming the products, like NailKale. I was also obsessed with getting this mink colour [Cashmere] right - it's the perfect off-neutral to go with everything. I needed to do a red-lace nail polish to match an Erdem dress that I was in love with, but never bought - it was the one that got away - but that's what's so cool about beauty. You can do anything.''

Alexa - who divides her time between her home in England and in the USA - then explained how beauty is viewed differently on the two continents.

She shared: ''When I moved to New York, I realized how differently they view beauty. In the UK, you're like, 'Argh, don't look at me, I have a spot on my face.' Americans will say, 'Just to let you know, I've got an appointment with my dermatologist at 3pm to have cortisone put in this.' It's amazing and you have to embrace it for its weirdness.''

Her love for America has dampened her faith in her home nation's style though, as she admitted that while living in New York she consciously ''amped'' up her Britishness.

She told the mag: ''But I am also aware that British women have an edgier, more unique style. In Britain you don't have to be perfect; we celebrate eccentricities and appreciate diversity. I became fiercely protective of my Britishness in the US and amped it up a notch. I became Hugh Grant. It's very odd, I was really patriotic.''