Alexa Chung chooses comfort over style at music festivals.

The British TV presenter - who is renowned for her effortlessly cool fashion sense - says her festival essentials are a Barbour jacket, scarf and wellies and doesn't recommend trying out new looks.

She told "I usually just pick something I'm comfortable in and shove a Barbour over it because nothing is fun when you're freezing cold. Wrap up warm, take lots of layers, a good scarf, check the weather reports, invest in some wellies. Don't experiment with something you've never worn before, it needs to be comfortable."

The 26-year-old beauty - who is in huge demand in the fashion world at the moment, fronting campaigns for Lacoste and Pepe Jeans as well as having a Mulberry bag named after her - says she is more interested in "watching bands and getting drunk" than looking good.

However when Alexa - who is set attend this weekend's Virgin Media's V Festival this weekend - is not at festivals, fashion comes first.

Speaking about her debut clothing collection for US store Madewell, Alexa said: "I like designing them because you get to play around and make things you wish existed a reality."