Alexa Chung admits she doesn't make much effort with her appearance.

The TV presenter - who is often voted one of the world's most stylish Women - insists she doesn't have a beauty routine and is glad boyfriend Alex Turner has the same attitude as her.

She told Stylist magazine: "That's because I've got lovely people who do my hair and make-up for me. If I'm on my own I'll deliberate over my clothes but never my beauty regime.

"I don't make much effort with my appearance so it would disturb me if my boyfriend did. Vain men are gross!"

However, while has no skincare routine, Alexa admits to being worried about getting wrinkles.

The 26-year-old beauty said: "When I look in the mirror I usually someone with their make-up still on from the night before who needs to brush their hair!

"Recently I've been getting paranoid about wrinkles. I haven't actually found any yet but every time I look in the mirror I search my forehead for the first signs."

Although she has received criticism for her tiny frame, Alexa insists she has a healthy attitude towards food and is no longer obsessed by exercise like when she was a model.

She said: "I'm rubbish. I used to swim every day but now I can't even get myself to Pilates class."