Alexa Chung is fed up with criticism about her size.

The presenter was horrified to discover photographs of her naturally slender frame were being used as 'thinsipiration' for women with eating disorders, yet doesn't understand why the media feels the need to pinpoint her as a bad example for young girls.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''I don't think it's fair, but I guess everyone compares themselves. I understand how, if you don't know me and I just represent something, yeah, [my body shape] may be annoying, and when people were going on about how thin I was, I thought, 'You don't know what's going on in my life, or how I react to things.' ''

Alexa briefly considered trying to gain weight after the public backlash, but quickly realised she shouldn't alter her body shape for the sake of fitting in.

She explained: ''That would be a s**t message to send to young girls, too: that you should change your body shape for public opinion.''

However, the 29-year-old brunette is used to speculation about her looks, having found fame as a teenage model.

Alexa sighed: ''I have never lived in a time when people haven't told me what I look like. Since I was 15 [when she started modelling], people were telling me, 'You're the girl next door, you look like this, you should have your hair like that.' ''