Alexa Chung feels like she's teasing people with her fashion line.

It was first reported the multi-talented style icon was planning to bring out her first clothing collection last year, but the star is remaining tight-lipped about when it the line is finally going to see the light of day.

She joked in an interview with Britain's GLAMOUR magazine: ''Yes, I feel like I'm p***k-teasing the world. It's only coming out when it's exactly right.''

Alexa sometimes gets fed up that people think she hardly works when she actually earns her keep modelling, writing, presenting, DJing and designing.

She said: ''There's a gross misunderstanding as to what it is I do on a daily basis. People will be like, 'Have you still got a show?' and then people in TV will say, 'Are you doing your line still?' or friends will be like, 'What do you mean, you wrote an article? Do you write a bit?' I think I represent an image maybe more than anything else.''

The fashion-forward star also thinks another common misconception is that she dresses like a tomboy.

She quipped: ''I think that's what people think because of my attitude, but Google me in dresses and I've got heels on in every picture. I think [my style] is sexy. It's not just being sieved through a boy's eyes. It's what women would find sensual and sexy.''

When it comes to the men in her life, the 30-year-old star is attracted to an equally snappy dresser with a clear sense of style, although humour always comes first.

Alexa added: ''I like boys to have their own sense of style. So it could be a well-tailored suit, or just a lovely jumper and some APC jeans. I don't mind what they're wearing, as long as they're funny.''