Alexa Chung waited until she was ''properly back'' in the UK to launch her own fashion range.

The 33-year-old model and entrepreneur unveiled her eponymous label titled Alexa Chung by Alexa Chung on Tuesday (30.05.17), and although the style icon has launched clothing lines with other brands, including Marks and Spencer, this is the first time she has decided to go solo.

And the fashion muse has revealed the reason she waited so long to embark on a project of her own was because she wanted to be located in one place when she created the line.

The brunette beauty - who has also resided in New York on and off for the past six years - told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I wanted to wait until I was properly back in the UK.''

And Alexa has revealed she is ''100 per cent involved'' in the entire creative process of her latest collection, although she never studied fashion design.

She explained: ''If you're asking whether I'm really involved ... yes, I am 100 per cent involved. I mean, I didn't study fashion, but I am quite good at looking at something and knowing how to make it better.''

Alexa has revealed the hardest part of her project was to find the ''right quality'' of material to use in her creations.

She said: ''It's really hard to get the right quality if you're cheap and small scale.''

And the businesswoman is modest about her new capsule as she doesn't believe her designs are the ''future of fashion'', but she does think her clothing range includes ''nice clothes''.

She explained: ''I don't think you'd turn to me for the future of fashion or a new shape, but if you want nice clothes, I think I've got them.''

Although it has taken many years for Alexa to release her own namesake label, the mogul has claimed she knew she has wanted to be a designer when she was a teenager.

Speaking about her career aspirations, she said: ''Funnily enough at 16 I wanted to be a designer.''