Alexa Chung takes style guidance from Chloe Sevigny.

The 34-year-old presenter-turned-designer think its ''nice'' that she's still regarded as a fashion icon but admitted she also finds it ''comforting'' to look to older stars, such as the 43-year-old actress, to give her an idea of what's still appropriate to wear.

She said: ''It's nice to hear that I've made it past 25 and people still sometimes think I look alright.

''And also I look to other people's style too, you know.

''I think it's comforting to have someone a few years ahead of you and still trying to get away with hot pants. I look at pictures of Chloe Sevigny and think, 'Right, OK, so we can still do this.' ''

Alexa has relished her move into design and understands she needs to be forceful to get her ideas across, rather than try to be liked.

She said: ''It's about doing things with conviction and not being afraid to give negative feedback.

''I've always been in industries where you have to be incredibly likeable to do the job because being charming is part of the job description if you're presenting TV or interviewing people.

''Whereas, with this, there are moments where you have to be the least liked person in the room in order to make clothes that are the most liked item on the rail.''

Alexa's latest collection for her eponymous brand is inspired by air travel and is called 'Arrivals and Departures'.

She explained to Grazia magazine: ''It's that needs-must thing, where either your case weighs too much so they've forced you to take things out, or you're on a chilly plane but you're also half in your stuff that you just wore to Ibiza.

''What was really appealing to me was the idea you could be in a sundress and trainers and then you've got a winter coat over it - or the way that Britishness leaks through so you might be in a safari suit but also have weird jelly shoes on.''