Alexa Chung decided to write a style book because she was bored.

The presenter was initially inspired to create her very first fashion guide, 'It', because she felt unfulfilled by her TV and modelling work.

She told ''I wrote it because I was bored and wanted to create something alongside hosting television shows. I wanted an extra project to focus on and it was a good excuse to reflect on the last few years and rummage through some long lost photo albums.

''The text in this book isn't complicated or dense. It's almost a stream of consciousness about several topics so it was fun to write. I composed it all in emails to my editor, because I don't have Microsoft Word.''

The book is a personal insight into the trendsetter daily life, covering topics as varied as style, music and heartbreak, accompanied by sketches drawn by the presenter, personal photographs and images of her icons.

She explained: ''It's is basically an image-heavy autobiography. The only things lacking are chapters and gritty details. There is plenty that I'm not ready to share though - I also wanted to make sure that I keep things for myself. Sometimes I have an overshare problem.''