Alexa Chung has described her new fashion range Alexa Chung by Alexa Chung as ''idiosyncratic and witty''.

The 33-year-old fashion muse launched her eponymous label last week and the star believes her creations have a ''definite British-ness'' to them as the quirkiness of the designs were inspired by the late music legend David Bowie, who was known for his eccentric style.

Speaking about her fashion venture to E! News, the brunette beauty said: ''I would describe it as having definite British-ness about it. ''In the sense it's somewhat idiosyncratic and witty. Music influences me heavily so it borrows from some of my heroes like the Beatles and [David] Bowie.

''The collection was us finding our feet and identifying the type of clothes that will become the cornerstone for future collections. We have struck a balance I think between masculine and feminine dressing so there are suits in playful colours and dresses in unexpected fabrics such as PVC.''

Alexa has previously collaborated with other brands including Marks and Spencer - also known as M&S - but the star ensured she kept everything ''ultra hush hush'' when she was working on her first solo project so not to be clouded by other people's opinions.

When asked if she had any other assistance when she designed the line, she said: ''I didn't with this first one because it was so secret. We were working behind closed doors and keeping everything ultra hush hush. I think I didn't want the added pressure of people's preconceptions to cloud my judgement and, as such, this first set of clothes is very instinctive in terms of direction.''

And the designer has been ''ramping up'' to launching her own brand for a while because she wanted to have enough ''confidence'' to create and unveil the collection.

She explained: ''I had been ramping up to making my own collection of clothes for quite some time. ''But I waited until I had the confidence and the time to give it a go.

''I knew this would be a full-time job, so I wanted to wait until I could focus on it fully and really give it the attention it demands.''