Alexa Chung only represents brands she believes in.

The model-and-presenter would never agree to become the face of a company she doesn't love, and says that all her endorsement deals - which include Nails Inc., Eyeko and Oxfam - are things she feels passionate about.

She explained: ''It just has to be something I like, that's it. I am offered other things which might be more money, but if it's not a brand that sits well with me then I just don't affiliate myself with it. I think as a consumer you see partnerships and if it looks a bit eggy it's because it's not coming from an honest place.''

Alexa thinks her sarcastic sense of humour sometimes gets lost in translation and feels she did herself more harm than good when she joked she wrote her book 'It' over email to her New York editor, when she was really writing until 4am every night and working at Fuse News by day.

The 30-year-old star told GLAMOUR magazine: ''Sometimes I just say things because I think they sound funny and then they become a thing. And all it does is negate how hard I worked. That's the thing I'm realising now I'm 30 - you can't keep pretending like you don't give a s**t because I really do care about things and put a lot of effort into them.''