Alexa Chung thinks fashion has gone downhill since the 1960s.

The presenter has revealed she prefers vintage items because she finds most clothes designed after 1967 aren't as flattering or exciting.

She said: ''I love the 60s and sort of wish all design had stopped in 1967. That would be my dream.

''They were really just nailing it, everyone looked great, but then it started getting a bit slippery after that.''

The 29-year-old brunette also claims everyone should have a capsule wardrobe of classic items in order to look well turned out.

Alexa advised: ''Stick to the classics, and you can't ever go wrong. I see old ladies on the street who have fabulous style and realise it's because they are probably wearing classic items that they've had for year and years.

''I think if you find something that suits you, you should just stick to it.''

The 'Fuse News' host thinks rules are made to be broken and refuses to bin her trusty dungarees, even though they may no longer be in fashion.

Alexa added in an interview with Time Out magazine: ''People don't take risks because they're afraid something isn't in season, but you should have fun with fashion and wear what you want. I like to wear dungarees...''