Alexa Chung is always ''a bit jealous'' of fashion students.

The model and TV presenter originally applied to study at London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, but had to find another way to pursue her dreams after she was rejected.

She told The Observer newspaper: ''I didn't get in. So I feel a bit jealous of design students, like I want to join in. I should've done this. I'm from a family of designers, so this feels very natural to me.

''And I veered into TV, but always end up in fashion one way or another. I suppose, even though I didn't get in to Saint Martins, I managed to leapfrog the process.''

Alexa - who has a Mulberry bag named after her - says her wide influence as a brand comes at a price for her personally.

She added: ''I'm told about The Influence I have, but it's not me - it's Alexa Chung. It does make it difficult to shop, though. I walk around thinking, 'everything's a bit samey.' Then I see that the stuff I think is samey - like the saturation of Peter Pan collars - comes from me.''