Alexa Chung finds red carpets terrifying.

Despite being universally praised for her style, the TV presenter hates being in the spotlight for her fashion choices as she doesn't think she is a glamorous person.

She said: ''Red carpets are always so terrifying and such a surreal experience - you have just got to hope you don't pull an ugly face! I don't think glamour is part of my remit and if you can't compete you may as well just go down a different route.''

Alexa likes to be individual in her fashion choices and revealed she is obsessed with the 1960s.

She explained to more! magazine: ''I'm obsessed with the 60s. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade. Everything looks great, the aesthetic of that times makes my eyes so happy.''

While the TV presenter loves bargains, she does enjoy splashing out on expensive designer goods too, when the mood takes her.

Alexa said: ''The CHANEL 2.55 handbag I bought at Heathrow airport when I was hungover is the most expensive item in my wardrobe, I'm obsessed with bags. I just can't stop buying them.''