Alexa Chung felt intimated by the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination theme for this year's Met Gala theme.

The 34-year-old designer - who launched her eponymous brand in 2017 - was nervous about the religious tone for the exclusive event but after embracing it she used the attire worn by altar boys during mass as inspiration for her white chiffon dress.

Alexa and her team of stylists played around with a variety of possible looks for her to rock at the star-studded event and struggled to decide between bold colors or muted tones, but eventually decided for a stark white and short silhouette even designing a mini bucket bag embroidered with images of the seven deadly sins from the bible which she incorporated as a ''nod to vanity''.

Speaking to Vogue, she said: ''This is an actual 'Cinderella' situation.

''The theme sounded fairly intimidating at first, it sort of evoked a seriousness and grandeur that isn't necessarily within my comfort zone.

''In the end, we kept it white because it was reminiscent of an altar boy smock, I think the theme created plenty of scope for playfulness.

''It was too tempting not to have a little nod to vanity with me as I traversed the carpet''

And Alexa - who has also designed clothing with Marks & Spencer and a shoe collection with Superga - says getting to attend the event whilst wearing her own design was ''huge'' for her.

She said: ''It's huge for me because I first attended the Met Ball as a guest of a designer in 2010, to fast-forward to this moment when I'm wearing a dress of my own design, from the company that I started, is thrilling.''