Alexa Chung doesn't think she is "sexless".

The British beauty - who is in a relationship with Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner - insists her preference for masculine tailoring doesn't mean she doesn't know what the opposite sex like when it comes to fashion.

She said: "Don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm sexless just because I don't pander to men in that way, doesn't mean I don't aim to please. I know what's going on."

However, the 27-year-old presenter does enjoy wearing ballet pumps but would never grow her hair long because she doesn't think she looks good.

She said: "I love ballet pumps - navy blue Suede from Repetto or the classic two-ton beige and black from CHANEL.

"I'd like to look like Ali MacGraw, but I look s**t with long hair. The 60s, that's the era that most pleases me. The Features accented during the decade are the most flattering, pale lips and a strong eye."