Alexa Chung showed ''real vision'' on her first Longchamp shoot.

The model-and-presenter has been named the new face of the high-end brand and they were delighted with the input she wanted to have into the advertising campaign.

Asked what Alexa brought to the shoot, Marie-Sabine Leclercq, the brand's International Communications Director, told GraziaDaily: ''Her deep 'fashion' sensibility and her magnetic energy. The whole team fell under her spell! She immediately had a real vision. She made a very on-point contribution to the looks for the shoot. There was such a synergy and an energy that we all went home delighted with this initial experience with her.''

Alexa, 30, was chosen to front the campaign because of her ''values'' and ''attitude''.

Marie-Sabine explained: We choose a woman according to the values that she conveys. Longchamp luxury fits in perfectly with the everyday life of a working woman, full of energy and freshness, who loves fashion without being its slave. Alexa perfectly embodies all these things. She is the thirty-something woman who speaks to all women looking to find a style. Especially because she is not just a model.

''She has an attitude, which is both incredibly fashionable and incredibly stylish, and the music world in which she works is a source of inspiration for her. Alexa is beautiful and intelligent. She has energy and confidence.

''For the new Escales collection, which is cheerful, colourful and bursting with energy, we needed a woman who was both chic and modern. Alexa Chung is THE woman who embodies it the best.''