Alexa Chung has a therapist to help her cope with her ''weird'' life in the spotlight.

The 34-year-old model-and-presenter has been in the public eye since she was 16, and though she feels lucky to have experienced all that she has, she's admitted things have been ''unnatural'' so she appreciates having someone to talk to and help her to process constantly being ''observed''.

She said: ''I've had quite a weird experience which was one of great privilege, but also one that's a bit unnatural in that it's an observed life.''

And Alexa has found therapy helpful when it comes to determining what she wants from life because she spent so many years ''pleasing everyone''.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I was involved in a lot of jobs which were to do with an output of energy and a lot of shoving stuff out without really taking care of myself. So then I got to a point where I'm trotting around pleasing everyone, but what do I actually want to do?

''[Therapy is] taking a moment to be introspective with someone that's completely unbiased and not a friend who you can bore with your concerns.''

Alexa's own experiences have made her want to help her employees so she is planning to introduce yoga and guided meditation sessions.

She said: ''I think that's the good thing about the age we live in, in which millenials such as me are a bit more like 'hey guys it's not all just about the empty capitalist pursuit of cash, what about our feelings?' ''

The brunette beauty has set up her own fashion label because she wants to have ''fun'' but she thinks she needs to be more responsible.

She said: ''Sometimes I worry that maybe I should adapt myself to become a bit more responsible. I set up this company because I wanted to have fun.''

''I don't know what kind of business lady I am.

''I used to read about businesswomen in magazines and you'd see them sitting on the corner of a desk looking really stern, but now I realise that business comes in all forms. I think that one thing I might have been good at, which might be a female trait, is admitting your faults and being able to bolster the area you might be less good at, with someone that is.''