Alexa Chung doesn't ''love fashion'', but she ''likes clothes''.

The 34-year-old model has admitted she is ''very serious about collecting clothes'', but she is ''not sure'' whether she is as passionate about the industry, which she calls ''fash-wahn'', because she thinks the business is ''all about image''.

Speaking to Chelsea Handler in an interview with Refinery29, the brunette beauty said: ''I obviously like clothes a lot. I'm not sure that I love fashion. We actually called it 'fash-wahn' in my office when things get too 'fash-wahn.' I'm very serious about collecting clothes. But I'm probably not that serious about fashion as an industry.

''Fashion is all about image. And obviously, you have to be a bit po-faced if you're wearing fluffy slippers and a huge feather hat -- otherwise they're just going to laugh you out of the room because you look like 'Zoolander'. But it's all an act.''

But the style icon has admitted her interest in fashion is also a ''curse'' because she ends up with a ''weird mishmash'' of items from different seasons sprawled across her home.

She said: ''I was just saying to someone: Wherever I go on the planet, there's always a f**king pile of clothes that follows me around. I can't be bothered to do another suitcase, so I just empty out whatever previously happened. And that could be a trip to a wedding in Norway or Paris Fashion Week, and then I'm going to L.A. or something where you need to be scantily clad. That's the curse of liking fashion too much: There's always a weird mishmash of different seasons just staring at me from a chair.''

Alexa launched her own eponymous label earlier this year, which has made her take her career in the fashion sector ''somewhat seriously''.

the British star - who has starred in campaigns for DKNY Jeans, Superga and Lacoste said: ''I have started my own label, so I'm taking it somewhat seriously when the numbers roll in.''