Alexa Chung collects ''navy blue pullovers''.

The 33-year-old model has revealed she is a huge fan of the classic garment and she has no qualms about purchasing a number of the same item because she thinks there will always be a ''better'' version of her favourite wardrobe staple that she needs to get her hands on.

Speaking to about the one piece of clothing she can't live without, she said: ''Navy blue pullovers. It goes on and on - there's always a better one.''

Although the style icon loves to wear a blue jumper, her most prized possession is her ''yin-yang'' ring she purchased on a trip to China.

She said: ''A yin-yang ring I bought in China that denotes balance. I've always been preoccupied by masculinity and femininity and the intermingling of the two.''

But the British star has also revealed a ring a former boyfriend once gave her, which has one of her artworks engraved on it, is also one of her preferred items.''

She said: ''An ex engraved a ring with one of my sketches, which was pretty special.''

However, Alexa doesn't think she is as good at buying presents for others.

She explained: ''I always buy people clothes I think they'll like, but none stand out in my memory, so it turns out I'm bad at gift giving.''

And the beauty product the dark-haired fashion muse cannot live without is Clinique's Moisture Surge Face Spray and Sephora's lip stain.

Speaking about her beauty and skincare essentials, she said: ''Moisture Surge Face Spray by Clinique, to spray on your face after makeup. Sephora's own brand lip stain would survive a heavy bout of spin the bottle. And anything Glossier makes.''

Meanwhile, Alexa has revealed the moment Mulberry named a bag after her was the moment she realised she was a successful figure in the fashion industry.

She explained: ''Having a bag named after me was a weird and cool moment.''

But the television personality stays grounded thanks to the guidance of her mother, Gillian, who has always told her not to put ''emphasis'' on her appearance but on her personality.

She explained: ''My mother isn't particularly vain. Growing up with a parent who put emphasis on personality over looks was important.''