Alexa Chung changes her clothes three times a day.

The model-and-presenter admits her style icon status takes work and she carries a change of clothes with her in order to have a fresh outfit for every occasion.

She said: ''[I have] three costume changes per day. One in the morning, one outfit for work and then one when I go out in the evening.''

Alexa, 30, might have a wardrobe full of expensive clothes and accessories, but she tries to limit her designer sunglasses to three pairs because she is so accident-prone.

She told Tatler magazine: ''I own three pairs of sunglasses: Zac Posens, APCs and Ray-Bans. I'm constantly sitting on them and breaking them.''

The svelte star puts in the effort to maintain her tousled shoulder-length locks, washing them every day and taking care to avoid split-ends.

Alexa said: ''I wash my hair seven times a week with Inoa colour-care shampoo. Otherwise, it goes flat. And I only ever brush it when it's wet.''

The fashionista also revealed she always kicks off her day with a healthy, nutrient-packed smoothie filled with banana, soy milk, honey and dates.