Alexa Chung became the creative director for Superga's latest campaign.

The TV presenter-and-model - who was made the face of the Italian footwear brand in February 2011 - was given a free reign on the Miami-based shoot after being given the theme of 'Go Create' by label bosses.

Photographed by Guy Aroch, who has previously shot the likes of Lily Cole, Blake Lively and Linda Evangelista, Alexa was able to style the spring/summer 2012 collection with her own choice of items.

The British star was originally chosen by the trainer brand - which is known for its sporty preppy styles and chunky rubber soles - to mark its 100th anniversary and give it a stronger UK presence.

Alexa has previously admitted while she is a fan of comfortable footwear and masculine tailoring, it doesn't mean she is "sexless".

She said: "Don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm sexless just because I don't pander to men in that way, doesn't mean I don't aim to please. I know what's going on."

Meanwhile, handbag designer Luella Bartley praised the 28-year-old beauty for "dressing for herself".

She explained: "English women are more concerned with looking cool and interesting than sexy or alluring. Alexa dresses in a very stylish way that is not about being sexy. I like to think she dresses for herself."