Alex Zane thinks musicians usually turn out to be terrible actors.

The 'Rude Tube' presenter was not a fan of Britney Spears in her 2002 coming of age movie 'Crossroads' and found it painful watching the 'Piece of Me' hitmaker try and act.

However, when it comes to actors turning to music, and in particular 'Baywatch' star Vin Diesel, it's a different story.

Speaking about Vin, 49, teaming up with EDM superstar Steve Aoki on a song, Alex exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''You know, I love Vin Diesel so I'm on board with whatever he does. He was the first interview I ever did for MTV when I started my job and he was awesome.

Actors doing music is better than musicians trying to act, as anyone who's seen Britney Spears in Crossroads will know.

''I used to be the singer in a band called Batmaus. We were terrible.

''I used to get a few laughs apologising between songs for how terrible we were, which is actually how I got into stand-up.''

The 38-year-old film critic was speaking about his involvement in ticketing company StubHub's Extreme Tenting videos campaign for festival season.

Asked what his top three tips are for festival-goers, he said: ''With 22 years of festival going experience under my belt StubHub asked me to make a series of videos to help people get the best out their festival experience and avoid some pitfalls of the festival campsite. Things like don't camp at the bottom of a hill, that's where mud forms, except that at a festival there's only a fifty fifty chance it's actually mud. Also, if you can see a portaloo from you tent you are camped TOO CLOSE to the portaloos. ''

Alex Zane is the star of StubHub's Extreme Tenting videos which give people tips on how to get the most from their festival experience. StubHub has tickets available to festivals all over the UK -